Monday, July 27, 2009

Genetic Engineering of Humans

Genetic Engineering of Humans Proposition 1: two genes have been identified, one which mutated significantly about 37,000 years ago when art first appeared and the other 5,800 years ago when culture and cities and writing also first appeared. Could genes such as these be used to determine which people are more evolved than others? Could we grow these genes further to create smarter and more evolved humans? SHOULD we?

Genetic Engineering of Humans Proposition 2: Liars have 24% more white matter and 14% less gray matter than normal people. Can we use brain composition analysis to profile potential wrong-doers before they commit crimes? Can our brain composition pre-determine the jobs we should have? Can we decide someone’s role in life before they are born by allocating the composition of their brain? SHOULD we?

Genetic Engineering of Humans Proposition 3: Gundam Seed Destiny came to an end last week. Everything gundam asside, the philosophical undertones of the series presents the clash between those who seek the freedom to seek their own way in life and those who want to put an end to war and conflict by pre-determining each citizen’s role in society.

What do you think about these Genetic Engineering of Humans propositions?