Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Amazing iPhone 5S and the rumors surrounding the iPhone 5

Amidst massive speculation and fanfare, Electronics giant Apple launched the eagerly awaited iPhone 5S which is also being touted as the iPhone 5. Prior to its release, information sources across the internet and media found an unprecedented market interest and popularity which gave rise to several speculations and expectations. The first product to be launched after the passing of the company's headliner chairman Steve Jobs, the iPhone 5S lived up to his expectations and ideals and as usual, managed to find ground breaking new apps and features to take the market by storm. As such, the phone was instantly a hit in markets around the world and is set to be released I more countries throughout Jan of 2012.

Some of the speculations that did turn out to be accurate include the ones about the processor, the apps and the screen sizes. The 5S comes with a 4 inch display as compared to the 3.5 inch display of its predecessor. Equipped with the A5 processor, it is said to the support the most high end graphics platforms in the world, along with deadly speed in functioning and execution. The 5S also comes with an 8 MP camera in the back and one in the front for video calling and chatting. It can also record videos in HD modes because of the extremely high end camera. Loaded with the iOS 5, the phone is touted as the fastest and easiest to use among all iPhones. It comes with services such as iCloud which is the cloud sharing program of Apple and helps in seamlessly integrating content on all Apple devices at the same time.

Also, one of the major attractions of the 5S is the intelligent app called as Siri. A complete phone assistant with a response system designed to answer almost any question put by the user, the Siri has found extreme levels of popularity. Anything from the weather, to navigation help, to making phone calls and sending text messages, Siri can do anything when asked by the user. As such, there are also other newer features added which include Air TV which allows users to wirelessly stream their content to their HD TVs through the Apple TV platform. The phone also comes with a dual antenna system which makes download speeds and so on extremely fast. The 5S can support speeds up to 14.4 Mbps which makes it one of the fastest phones in the world. It is completely equipped to be used anywhere in the world regardless of the type of network.

As such, after the launch of the iPhone 5S, it led to a rise in speculations about the launch and design of the iPhone 5. Currently, there are speculations that the iPhone 5 may be launched somewhere in march-may 2012 and may have an entirely fresh design and approach. As such, there are rumors that the iPhone 5 may have two A5 chips apart from all the latest apps. It design may be changed to a certain extent and it may lose more of its width and weight. Also, there are some who think that the iPhone 5 may come with a physical keyboard which would make it the Blackberry Killer. These are however only speculations and people will only have to wait and hear from the company before anything concrete can be said.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Genetic Engineering of Humans

Genetic Engineering of Humans Proposition 1: two genes have been identified, one which mutated significantly about 37,000 years ago when art first appeared and the other 5,800 years ago when culture and cities and writing also first appeared. Could genes such as these be used to determine which people are more evolved than others? Could we grow these genes further to create smarter and more evolved humans? SHOULD we?

Genetic Engineering of Humans Proposition 2: Liars have 24% more white matter and 14% less gray matter than normal people. Can we use brain composition analysis to profile potential wrong-doers before they commit crimes? Can our brain composition pre-determine the jobs we should have? Can we decide someone’s role in life before they are born by allocating the composition of their brain? SHOULD we?

Genetic Engineering of Humans Proposition 3: Gundam Seed Destiny came to an end last week. Everything gundam asside, the philosophical undertones of the series presents the clash between those who seek the freedom to seek their own way in life and those who want to put an end to war and conflict by pre-determining each citizen’s role in society.

What do you think about these Genetic Engineering of Humans propositions?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Are You a Geek?

Geek Definition from Wikipedia

The word geek is a slang term, noting individuals as "a peculiar or otherwise odd person, especially one who is perceived to be overly obsessed with one or more things including those of intellectuality, electronics, etc."

That pretty much describes me, are you a geek and if so why?

My answer:

As sad as this may sound I find nothing more fun than stringing multiple electronic devices together in a network: PCs, TVs, DVD players, music centres, pretty much anything that can be linked together, I've got it linked.

I make WordPress and bloggger themes and I'm not happy if the code isn't perfect. It's not good enoug that it works, it has to be neat and tidy and look right to me.

I could carry on with lists of things that makes me a geek.

One person who is happy to be described as a geek.